We are a modern clinic for infertility treatment. We successfully treat infertility and perform IVF treatment since 1993, which ranks us among clinics with the longest professional history in Czech Republic. We are here as for Czech as well as foreign clients.

Our team is formed of specialists with highest education in respected field, longtime experience and humane and empathic approach.

MUDr. Pavel Orlík

Gynecologist, IVF specialist

Our clients

"After many unsuccessful months of trying to conceive, me and my husband had decided to seek professional help. We’ve been searching internet and speaking with friends about it. Have decided to start with intrauterine insemination. Doctor Lachcina was very patient. We had many tests done and found out that husband’s tests are not as good as suppose to be. That’s why we have been sent for IVF straight away to not loose time and money for IUI. We were a bit afraid but decided to trust specialists and it was the right decision. The first IVF was successful!! Now we are thinking of another baby and know where we’ll get professional help."

Lucie, 27 years, Třinec

"When we moved to Dublin it wasn’t easy for me to find good gynecologist. Was so disappointed and wanted give up. Then being on Facebook saw profile of Doctor Cermak from Ostrava who was once a month in Dublin clinic. Said to myself to try and it was right decision. Finally I had been heard and understood. When I mentioned that for more than year me and my fiancé are trying to conceive with no success, doctor Cermak recommended IVF Clinic in Ostrava where he’s the head doctor. Discussed situation with my partner and compared Czech clinic with UK’s once. By taking into consideration all offered service and prices IVF Clinic in Ostrava was beating British clinics. The day after we arrived in Czech Republic had first visit followed by all needed tests. We were surprised with all care we have received from doctor. Unfortunately first IVF wasn’t successful but after second we are awaiting little baby boy…"

Jane, 30 years, Dublin

"When it came to make decision about the right fertility clinic, me and my husband found many reasons to look for it aboard. By searching internet we found out that Czech clinics are open for foreigners and successful in infertility treatments. One of them was IVF clinic in Ostrava, which we have chosen because of their familiar atmosphere. They have also very professional team who helped us with flight tickets, booking accommodation and suggested attractions for free time between medical procedures. We’ve spend few fantastic weeks in Czech Republic. Now I’m thinking that this change of surrounding was the reason for first IVF being successful. We are so thankful for having baby boy. Because of saving money, which we would have to spend for treatment in Dublin, we’ve decided to come over next year again to make our wish come truth – baby girl…"

Megan, 32 years, Waterford

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