About us

About us

GYNCENTRUM OSTRAVA s.r.o. is a modern clinic for infertility treatment. We've successfully treated infertility and performed IVF treatment since 1993. We rank among clinics with the longest history in respected field in Czech Republic. We provide our services to Czech as well as foreign clients.

Our goal is to constantly achieve the best treatment results.

We are successful in reaching this goal – thanks to experienced doctors, embryologists and medical staff. Our doctors are holders of highest possible accreditations in reproductive medicine education. GYNCENTRUM OSTRAVA s.r.o. is accredited facility for new doctor education in the field of Reproductive medicine.

In 2014, we managed to overcome 50% treatment success rate with patients younger than 35 years by IVF ET with ICSI.

Our clinic as well provides services of general gynecology, obstretics and mammalogy.

Our staff speaks fluent English.

Dear clients,

We do our best to provide you with comfortable intimate environment with individual and discrete approach.

We offer the highest possible standard of medical care based on the newest scientific knowledge and technologies.

We understand your initial dilemmas and concerns about the treatment. That is the main reason we do the absolute maximum to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and with understanding.

As with many couples before we are now more than ready to help you.

MUDr. Pavel Čermák, Ph.D.,  Head of the IFV clinic

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GYNCENTRUM OSTRAVA s.r.o. is fully accredited clinic for new doctors education...

GYNCETRUM OSTRAVA s.r.o. highlights the quality of provided services and...

To support the development, transfer the know-how and sustain the partnership,...

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