Student Education

Student Education

GYNCENTRUM OSTRAVA s.r.o. is fully accredited clinic for new doctors education in the field of Reproductive medicine and for education of students LF UO.

Ostravská Univertzita

Thanks to our longtime expert experience in the field, we were in 2008 granted accreditation for education. Our doctors are holders of highest possible accreditations in Reproductive medicine education.

The GYNCENTRUM OSTRAVA s.r.o. facility is as well accredited as practical facility for education of students of Department of Nursing and Maternity Care, Faculty of Medicine, Universtiy of Ostrava.

Lectures provided

Our clinic regularly hosts seminars for professional public with these topics:

  • Causes and treatment of sterility of infertile couples
  • New trends in the treatment of infertility
  • New method of sperm cryopreservation for the IVF and ET programmes
  • Stimulation scheme and cycle monitoring during IFV and ET
  • Using GnRh antagonists and rec-FSH in the stimulation schemes of IVF and ET. Comparing with the long protocol
  • Comparing the ICSI method and laser-assisted ICSI at the low responder patient
  • Infertile couples specialized care