How to Approach Infertility

How to Approach Infertility

The number of couples having problems with getting pregnant is increasing every year over the world.

Our population is fighting with infertility. From the medical point of view is infertility defined as inability to get pregnant after one year of regular unprotected sex.

Statistically is proven that every fifth couple is having trouble getting pregnant.

As the time goes by even the society attitude towards infertility is changing. Ten years ago it was very difficult for infertile couples to speak about their problems even with their close ones. Today the society is much more open and educated in this area. It’s still a very intimate matter, however, probably everyone has in their surroundings some couples with infertility problems.

The field of infertility treatment experienced in last couple of years great progress both in medical and technological areas. Thanks to modern methods of Reproductive medicine our doctors and embryologists are successful at solving high percentage of our client's problems.

With some couples, the infertility is connected only to one factor (low sperm...

The fertility diagnostics of a couple is complex process, which has its rules...

In connection with acquired results and diagnosis evaluation we suggest the...

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