Embryo cryopreservation is a method, which allows to freeze embryos and store them for unlimited time in liquid nitrogen for future embryotransfer.

Cryopreservation is used when there are more high quality embryos which were not used in actual cycle. In case of serious ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or unsuitable conditions for transfer (e.g. other acute illness, low endometrium, etc.) are all embryos cryopreserved.

There are two methods of cryopreservation to choose from.

Preferably we preserve embryos by vitrification.

Slow freezing

It is done by special programmed computer, which gradually and slowly (0,3°c/min) lowers the temperature of container, where are the embryos stored. About 50% of embryos survive this process.


During this method are used highly concentrated special mediums, which protect embryos against damage from very fast freezing (15000-30000°C/min). This method almost never damages embryos by cold. Up to 90% of embryos survive this process.


The transfer success rate of embryos preserved by vitrification method is about the same as with fresh embryos. The advantage for woman here is that hormonal stimulation is not necessary and subsequent oocytes collection. The financial costs are lower as well.

At IVF cycles with donated sperm or oocytes, we offer the service of oocytes or sperm storage from the same donor. Our clients use this service for second child in new IFV cycle.

It is proven that early pregnancy looses (spontaneous miscarriage, etc.) and implementation failures, which lead to infertility or recurrent treatment failure, can be caused by NK cells (“Natural Killer” cells) hyperactivity. NK cells are specific population of leukocytes, which care for organism immunity. Although their form can attack the embryo settling itself in the uterus and damage it so it perishes. Administering Intralipid can prevent the NK cells activation. Non-activated NK cells don’t pose threat to the embryo.

Sperm freezing - Semen cryopreservation

It is ideal option for patients who are to start chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The main benefit of semen cryopreservation is that it allows sperm to be used in the future in fertility treatments even in case of partner absence for medical, travel, work or physiological reasons.

Embryo freezing (cryopreservation)

It is a method of preserving female fertility.

It especially benefits women who are diagnosed with a medical condition whereby the necessary treatments for cure may render them sterile or unable to produce viable eggs. It’s an option of preserving patient’s own eggs for future use even in case of cancer therapies. It’s giving pregnancy chances at a later time after finishing oncology treatments.


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