Embryotransfer into the uterine cavity is done 2. – 6. day after oocyte fertilization by the use of thin and flexible catheter through cervix to uterine cavity.

Embryos are implemented with low amount of liquid – medium. This procedure takes approximately 5 minutes, usually is painless and doesn’t require anesthesia. After embryotransfer, the patient is relaxing for about 2 hours in a bed, after which is released to home care. After 10 days the patient comes to the clinic for blood testing for pregnancy.

The success of embryotrasfer could be enhanced by using EmbryoGlue® which works on the basis of "glue". It promotes embryos to stick with endometrium and supports the embryo implantation process.

The count of implemented embryos must be in accordance with patient's age, number of previous unsuccessful IVF cycles and the patient’s wish. Usually 1-2 embryos are transferred. The selection of 1 or 2 embryos is very individual.

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