Male Examination

Male Examination

Before initiating treatment it is necessary to examine men’s sperm count and perform a test for sexually transmitted diseases.

We examine all patients for their blood type and Rh factor.

Ejaculate collection is done in specifically designed room at our clinic. Before the collection it is necessary to refrain from sexual activity. Sperm is damaged by heat, please do not use sauna or hot baths before collection. If the collection is done at home, it is necessary to secure transport at body temperature within one hour.

Men undergoing this examination has to submit their sample personally and prove theselves with valid identification document.

Collected blood is tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

If sperm count values are pathological we perform following examinations:

  • Hormonal examination
  • Genetic examination
  • Sperm Flow Test - examination of sperm acrosome integrity, intracromosile protein, sperm lifespan
  • Some patients may be sent for urological and immunological examinations.

After examination is done patient is informed about its outcome and suitable procedures for treatment are suggested.

In cases when treated couple doesn’t have own suitable sperm (health reasons) it is possible to use sperm collected from anonymous donors. Donors at our clinic are subjected to genetic and serological examinations so hereditary diseases and infections might be excluded. Our clinic is bound by statutory confidentiality and cannot convey the identity of donor nor cannot inform the donor about identity of recipient.

Men’s examination is usually done simultaneously with woman’s examination.

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