Ova Collection

Ova Collection

Oocytes pick-up procedure (ovarian puncture) is gynecological surgical process usually under short anesthesia.

It is done in gynecological position by puncturing follicles in stimulated ovaries by hollow needle through vaginal vaults and sucking up their contents. Surgery usually takes 5 to 15 minutes, depending on surgical conditions and follicle count. This procedure is done under ultrasound monitoring.

Before the ovarian puncture it is necessary to undergo so called preoperative examination, which is performed by your general practitioner and you’ll be given a confirmation. This confirmation must be presented to out anesthetics specialist before the procedure.

Patient must be present with her partner and on an empty stomach. After ovarian puncture patient remains 2-3 hours in bed at our clinic, after which she is released to home care.

Simultaneously with ova collection must be done sperm collection.

Sperm sample is collected at the same day as ovarian puncture in a specifically designated room at our clinic.

In order to get the highest quality sperm, we recommend three day refrain from sexual activities. In some cases it is not possible to get partner’s sperm at the same day as ovarian puncture. In this case it is possible to use cryopreserved sperm sample from previous collecting.

After collecting, the sperm sample is prepared in laboratory and readied for IVF.

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