Controlled ovarian stimulation is a phase of treatment during which we modify the process of first half of menstruation period in such a manner so that there mature more than one oocytes in ovaries (optimum is around 10 oocytes).

Collection of more oocytes gives us the opportunity to get more embryos for following embryotransfer into uterus.

This is achieved by administration of hormonal based medicine and patients learn how to administer these drugs by herself.

This procedure is called "Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation" (COH).

Ovaries stimulation is initiated on the 1. to 3. day of menstruation period.

Duration of ovaries stimulation varies depending on each individual patient, mostly around 7-10 days. In specific cases it can last longer time. First 5-6 days are without examination, next days of stimulation is controlled by ultrasound examination every two days, usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In some cases is every day examination necessary.

After reaching suitable follicle size, the stimulation is terminated and  the ovulation is triggered. The oocyte collection is performed between 36-40 hours after ovulation (so called pick-up oocytes).

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