The Treatment Process

The Treatment Process

The basis of every successful medical treatment is determining detailed and quality diagnosis. The infertility treatment is very sophisticated process.

Majority of couples comes to our clinic on the basis of their gynecologist’s recommendation and often also on recommendation by another couple which already was treated at our clinic.

Often we experience also visiting men seeking to have their spermiogramme examination (more than 50% of couples infertility is caused by men’s infertility itself) or women for their examination. Shortly after, these people visit again with their partners.

Before treatment initiation, it is necessary to carry out both men’s and woman’s examinations.

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The IVF cycle takes approximately same time as usual woman cycle. It’s composed of following steps:

  • Controlled ovaries stimulation
  • Oocyte and sperm collection
  • In Vitro Fertilization
  • Embryo cultivation
  • Embryo diagnostic (genetics)
  • Embryo transfer

The whole treatment is done at our clinic. During regular conditions, hospitalization is not needed.

It is very important for us our clients feel comfortable and knew that they are in the hands of best specialists and that they can trust us. That is why we are doing our best, so each individual patient was under supervision of the same doctor the whole time. We always respect patient’s choice of a doctor. In some cases we suggest change of doctor so the patient feels more comfortable.

The first and most important step is men’s and woman’s examination.

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