Treatment with Oocyte Donation

Treatment with Oocyte Donation

IVF and ET treatment by oocyte donation.

Couples which cannot from various health reasons achieve pregnancy by the use of their own germ cells have two options how to found a family – accept a donated oocytes or sperms or adopt a child.

Gyncentrum Ostrava IVF CLINIC:

  • Can offer you donated ova programme
  • We have vast database of donors, which allows to chose a suitable donor without long waiting period.

Our team of doctors and embryologists has longtime experience in the donated oocyte programme and have success rate above 50% per each IVF cycle.

Ooocytes collected from anonymous healthy donor are fertilized by partner’s sperm and embryos are transferred into uterus.

Infertility treatment by this method is for every couple very difficult. It brings tremendous emotional burden, however on the other side it offers real chance to have children even for those couples which wouldn’t have any chance without it.

It is possible to use either fresh or cryopreserved oocytes.

We prefer donation of fresh oocyte at our clinic.

Oocyte donation in Czech Republic is legal, voluntary, safe and is based on the anonymity principle between the donor and recipient and between donor and born child.

Who is ova donation for?

  • For couples where woman doesn’t have the ability to produce her own oocytes (women which don’t have developed ovaries, ovaries were removed by surgery, women suffering from premature ovarian function failure, etc.)
  • Couples where woman doesn’t have the ability to produce oocytes of good quality (women which recurrently went through IVF treatment without the possibility to collect quality oocytes or quality embryos  were not developed, women of higher age with lower quality oocytes)
  • Couples where the woman is transmitter of hereditary diseases (these women were genetically tested and found to have chromosome disorders which pose a threat to inborn disorders for future descendants).

How does the donated ova treatment proceed?

If there is indication of the need to treat the infertile couple by donated ova, we place this couple to our donor programme.

The selection of suitable and healthy donor

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