Donor Selection

Donor Selection

The selection of suitable and healthy donor

Ova donation in Czech Republic is anonymous, voluntary and free of charge. Our donors are young women up to 32 years, meeting the requirements stated by Czech Republic’s legislation (law n.296/2008 about human tissue and cells, by implementing decree n.422/2008 Sb., quality and safety of human tissue and cells dedicated for human use), European cells directive and strict criteria for searching for ova donor’s (Guidelines for oocyte donation of The American Society of Reproductive Medicine, publicized in Fertility and Sterility magazine, Vol.77, No.6, Suppl.5, June 2002).

All donors undergo gynecological, endocrinological and genetics examination and are recurrently tested for STD (viruses and bacteria) – HIV, Siphyllis, hepatitis, Chlamydia, cytomegaloviruses.

Only donors with negative results from these tests are accepted into the donors programme.

Our donors are usually students or mothers on maternity leave.

We chose suitable donors in accordance with treated couple’s requirements (height, weight, hair and eye color, education, etc.)

At IVF cycles with donated sperm or ova, we offer the service of ova or sperm storage from the same donor. Our clients use this service for second child in new IFV cycle.

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