The Treatment Process

The Treatment Process

If there is indication of the need to treat the infertile couple by donated ova, we place this couple to our donor programme.

If the donor programme conditions are met, it is possible to use donated oocytes, sperm or embryos.

We provide a guarantee of high quality and safe treatment:

  • In the donor programme, we prefer donation of fresh oocytes
  • We chose the suitable donor according the recipient’s requirement (height, weight, hair and eye color, education, etc.)
  • To each recipient, we provide a guarantee of at least 6 mature oocytes from the same donor
  • We provide a guarantee of at least two high quality embryos. Treated couple can decide how many embryos will be transferred. Not used embryos can by cryopreserved for future embryo transfer.
  • If donor oocytes fail to fertilize by methods ICSI, IMSI or PICSI (with good spermiogramme), your subsequent treatment will be provided free of charge.

Whole treatment process, including ambulant surgeries, is performed at our clinic. No part of treatment requires hospitalization.

Treatment cycle

For determining suitable treatment cycle scheme with the use of donated oocytes it is very important if the woman – recipient – has or hasn’t menstruation cycle.

Women with menstruation cycle are before the start of cycle administered with depot GnRH injection which goal is to neutralize patient’s hormonal state, which could negatively influence the treatment. The injection has effect for 3-4 weeks. After this period the administration of estrogen medicine is initiated and between 12. – 16. day is performed ultrasound examination of the endometrium height. If the finding is favorable, the patient is ready for donated embryo transfer. In this state, during estrogen administration, the patient is readied for 4-6 weeks.

Women without menstruation cycle, has to be administered with hormonal medicine in order to prepare the endometrium.

In the case of donating fresh oocytes, begins during this period endometrium preparation by synchronization of recipient’s and donor’s menstruation cycles. After maturation of oocytes in donor’s ovaries, their collection is done and collected oocytes are fertilized by partner’s sperm (it is possible to use both frozen and fresh sperm).

On the day of donor’s oocytes collection, the recipient starts to take homones – gatagenes (Utrogestan, Crinone), which prepare the endometrium for embryo implementation. After oocytes collection and fertilization, are formed embryos cultivated for 3-6 days and subsequently transferred into recipient’s uterine cavity. Non used embryos can be cryopreserved.

After the embryo transfer, the recipient’s continues to take hormones – estrogens and gastragens – for 10-15 days. After this period, pregnancy test from blood is performed (hCG).

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